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WallGoldfinger Furniture's experienced design/build team is an expert at sourcing the veneer perfect for your project and then finishing that veneer to perfection.


Sourcing stone is a complex task that often has to be coordinated very quickly. WallGoldfinger Furniture coordinates with stone fabricators to source stone from around the world or our own backyard. (Vermont is home to the world's largest underground marble quarry, Vermont Quarries and the famed Danby marble, not to mention the world's largest deep hole granite quarry.) Whether from Italy or Vermont, the stone used in your project will be cut using the latest CNC and laser jet cutting methods and will be precisely fit to your other project materials. And for those projects where natural stone is desired due to factors such as cost or staining potential, WallGoldfinger Furniture also works with stone fabricators to find you a great engineered quartz solution for your project.


WallGoldfinger Furniture approaches metal detailing as a work of art. WallGoldfinger engineers draw in SolidWorks, the superior software for designing custom metal components. Drawings can rendered in 3D, as well as animated to check the function. Metal is then sourced from well qualified fabricators to create your designs in stainless steel, aluminum, bronze and other metals.


WallGoldfinger Furniture has immense experience incorporating glass into corporate furniture. From tabletops and power/data box hatch lids, to glass encased table bases, WallGoldfinger has produced some of the most demanding glass detailing in corporate furniture. Commonly used is low-iron glass with acid-etched surfaces, standard back painting, custom patterns, logos and more.

Solid surfacing

Solid surfacing materials like Lightblocks cast acrylic, Corian solid surfacing, plastic laminates and porcelains can provide a more carefree surface for even the most demanding environments. WallGoldfinger Furniture has immense experience incorporating these materials into corporate furniture from reception desks to dining tables.


From soft-touch writing surfaces for even the most discriminating executives to leather wrapped pedestals on modern designed tables, leather can provide a look and texture unlike any other material. WallGoldfinger Furniture pioneered the use of synthetic leather in corporate furniture using a nylon fiber matrix that is manufactured in the United States, does not contain any PVC or plasticizers, and does not emit toxic gases.

Experts in material integration
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WallGoldfinger Furniture stands above for its ability to integrate a variety of materials into furniture design. From tabletops and bases to edge details, materials are of the finest quality. Veneer is sourced from around the world. Marble and granite come from within Vermont as well as worldwide. Only the best metal fabrication is utilized in both product line and custom design. WallGoldfinger Furniture is additionally a pioneer in glass, solid surfacing and leather. 


For the highest quality custom look for your corporate furniture, contact the WallGoldfinger Furniture sales and design team today to discuss the right materials for your next project.

Click on one of this download for a complete list of WallGoldfinger standard materials:

WallGoldfinger custom edges

Order samples: Most materials in the PDF above are in stock. Order your free samples by submitting your name, project name, mailing address and sample request to Samples ordered before 11 a.m. typically ship the same business day. Samples ordered after 11 a.m. ship the next business day. Samples ship via U.S. Mail. Some edge samples below are also available for shipment.

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