A tilting top conference table elegant enough for the boardroom

Industry leading Summit tilt-top tables offer the ultimate in reconfigurability for conference rooms and more. Tabletops tilt to allow tables to fit through doorways, and tables are set on casters so they can easily roll to create a new table configuration or to be stored. When the tabletop is lowered, the table’s casters automatically retract for stability. Most commonly made in a 60-by 60-inch size, Summits are constructed with diverse, high-quality materials, including veneer, plastic laminate, glass, lightweight stone, resins and metal edging. Summit tables fully integrate power and data with wire management within the table base. ETL listed DaisyLink technology provides quick plug-and-use reconfigurability. The table base design further provides exceptional leg room from all sides. When you need an elegant, reconfigurable conference or boardroom table solution, the Summit, made exclusively by WallGoldfinger Furniture — now part of Mark Richey Woodworking — is your choice.







  • A reconfigurable table crafted with such high quality and elegance it meets every need from the conference room to the executive dining room to the boardroom

  • An exclusive bridge design perfect for rooms with operable walls

  • Diverse materials, including stone, to meet every room design

  • Superior leg room around the entire table for uninterrupted comfort and maximum seating capacity

  • Seamlessly integrated technology to meet power and data needs