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A tilting top conference table elegant enough for the boardroom

Industry leading Summit tilt-top tables offer the ultimate in reconfigurability for conference rooms and more. Tabletops tilt to allow tables to fit through doorways, and tables are set on casters so they can easily roll to create a new table configuration or to be stored. When the tabletop is lowered, the table’s casters automatically retract for stability. Most commonly made in a 60-by 60-inch size, Summits are constructed with diverse, high-quality materials, including veneer, plastic laminate, glass, lightweight stone, resins and metal edging. Summit tables fully integrate power and data with wire management within the table base. ETL listed DaisyLink technology provides quick plug-and-use reconfigurability. The table base design further provides exceptional leg room from all sides. When you need an elegant, reconfigurable conference or boardroom table solution, the Summit, made exclusively by WallGoldfinger Furniture — now part of Mark Richey Woodworking — is your choice.







  • A reconfigurable table crafted with such high quality and elegance it meets every need from the conference room to the executive dining room to the boardroom

  • An exclusive bridge design perfect for rooms with operable walls

  • Diverse materials, including stone, to meet every room design

  • Superior leg room around the entire table for uninterrupted comfort and maximum seating capacity

  • Seamlessly integrated technology to meet power and data needs


Summit tables offer the perfect solution for conference and boardroom meeting spaces requiring table reconfiguration. Group Summits to form a large, attractive conference or boardroom table. Separate tables for breakout meeting space or for dining. And utilize WallGoldfinger’s unique bridge design to join two fixed conference tables into one large table. For your reconfigurable boardroom or conference table needs, Summit tables offer a high quality solution.


Fully assembled for a large meeting

Slide one tabletop to access Summits

Tilt and roll away Summits

Two meeting tables remain; engage an operable wall


Offered in square, rectangular and custom sizes, Summits’ provide superior leg room and seating and are ideal for dining, conference and boardroom needs. For example, break out Summits in a conference or dining room. Join four Summits into a square for a working discussion. Form five Summits in a line for an impressive conference table for a larger gathering. And when it’s time to store your Summits, they’re perfectly sized for fitting through doorways and into storage areas.

54" x 54" tabletop

with 24" x 24" base

60" x 60" tabletop

with 24' x24" base

60" x 72" tabletop

with 24' x 36" base

60" x 84" tabletop

with 24' x 48" base

60" table with trapezoid base in tilted position measures 29 1/4" wide and 67 3/4" high


Summit’s trapezoid bases uniquely provide superior leg room and a wire management solution. Choose a base made from a matching veneer, plastic laminate, urethane or custom metal cladding. Then choose an edge detail of veneer, solid wood or metal to match for your unique look.



Square multi-ply veneer


1/2 inch solid wood
Comfort Edge aluminum pan frame
Comfort Edge with 1/4 inch solid wood overlay
Applied metal edge

WallGoldfinger Furniture is an industry leader in technology integration for today’s businesspeople, who know that a table is much more than a table; it’s a communication tool, it’s a media center and it’s an active work station. Summit tables’ hatch lids and customizable fixture boxes provide the access AV specialists need to provide you the telecommunication and power resources necessary for success in today’s business environment.

ETL listed box for daisy chaining
Wood hatch
Metal hatch
Lift off doors providing access to wiring
Table-to-table ETL listed daisy chaining

WallGoldfinger Furniture’s Summit design features a tilting tabletop. Tilt up the top and casters automatically extend so your Summit table can be easily moved into a new table configuration or storage. Summits nest in their tilted position for compact, easy storage. When you’re ready to use your Summit once more, roll it back in place and move the tabletop into its horizontal position. Casters automatically retract and the table is now securely on the floor. Make the most of your valuable real estate with a Summit table.


Loosen one side of Anderlocs (if using)

Rotate Anderlocs under one tabletop (for easy access later)

Pull bar under table

Bar releases top into tilted position and engages casters


Pull levers to lock casters into position

Push to a storage area

Nest tables in tilted position for compact storage

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