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Waste receptacles

Complement your Doko table and credenza with a one-of-a-kind Doko waste receptacle. Enjoy the same rounded cabinet doors and diverse materials as Doko credenza with this specially designed waste and recycling center sure to enhance any conference, lobby or gathering space. Doko waste receptacles are available in two sizes - a two-bin model and a three-bin model. Cutouts and labeling help guide users on how to properly dispose of waste and recycling, making emptying bins easier for your facilities or housekeeping teams. 

Doko waste receptacle Duo.jpg



  • Curved doors


  • Diverse materials

  • Two size options

  • Cutouts and labels for varying uses from waste to specific types of recycling

  • Labels even include Braille for inclusivity

Doko waste receptacle Trio.jpg
Doko waste receptacle cutouts and labeli

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