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Setting your sights on a boardroom table?

WallGoldfinger Furniture goes big with new boardroom table line

Nov. 3, 2021


WallGoldfinger Furniture is making it easier to specify its most requested shape of large custom tables by creating a boat-shaped boardroom table line called SightLines.

The new line is both traditional and modern in style, bringing some interesting design elements to a classic shape. The table, for example, has vacuformed veneer edges, or veneer that gently slopes down to a flat. That vacuformed edge is above a phenolic chair arm protector that gives nod to the company’s green manufacturing practices.

Other interesting components include radiused tabletop corners and curved tabletop ends as well as a bottom radius on table bases creating a bit of an ocular illusion on otherwise rectangular pedestals. Unless you’re adding microphones, technology is also under the tabletop, leaving a pristine top and emphasizing that gorgeous edge.

Tables are primarily veneer, but engineered stone, porcelain, glass and leather centerfields are offered, and, of course, with 50 years of custom corporate furniture making under its belt, WallGoldfinger will customize the tables to designer’s and client’s liking.

“We make several successful smaller table lines focusing on conference, dining and reconfigurable spaces, and build custom furniture of all kinds, especially boardroom tables. Every now again we hear that choosing custom for the boardroom is intimidating in some way,” WallGoldfinger Furniture Vice President John Wall said. “Creating a boardroom table line takes away some of the daunting work of choosing a size, a shape, a specific design, etc.

“With Sightlines, we’ve made some choices for you based on our experience and hopefully are easing even the most novice into successfully creating a big table that will serve a board’s needs well,” said Wall, noting that even the table name demonstrates forethought.

Boat shaped tables provide great sight lines.

Sightlines is the third line announced by WallGoldfinger this year. In January it introduced Doko conference tables, credenzas and waste receptacles that have gone on to earn industry recognition. In September it rolled out a lower cost café, laptop and training table line: Simplicity. And now the company is going big with SightLines.

Tables come in two widths and lengths up to 37’-6”, accommodating 34 people.

WallGoldfinger Furniture is a division of Mark Richey Woodworking, a Newburyport, Mass., based green manufacturer that is minority and woman owned.

To find out more about this all new line from WallGoldfinger, visit or contact Wall and the Vermont sales team at 802.278.5800. For a broader look, visit for furniture and for architectural millwork.

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