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Mark Richey Woodworking establishes WallGoldfinger Furniture division

May 24, 2018


The country’s premier architectural woodworker, Mark Richey Woodworking, is carrying on a furniture legend.

Mark Richey Woodworking has purchased the WallGoldfinger brand and is continuing the renowned corporate furniture maker’s custom work and product lines through a new division of Mark Richey called WallGoldfinger Furniture.

Together Mark Richey Woodworking and its new WallGoldfinger Furniture division will offer clients, contractors, architects and furniture dealers the benefit of stunning interior spaces with perfectly matched materials and finishes.

About Mark Richey Wood

Mark Richey Woodworking of Newburyport, Mass., has been offering the highest quality architectural woodworking in corporate offices, performing arts centers, museums, academia and more for 37 years, including the last 13 years in a 130,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art factory that focuses on reducing its carbon footprint through the use of biomass heating created from burned waste wood and both wind and solar energy.

About WallGoldfinger

In business for 47 years, WallGoldfinger Inc. officially began producing furniture for the contract market in 1984 and had risen in the industry as the premier custom table manufacturer and the maker of successful reconfigurable table lines, namely Arbor and Summit.

A new venture

While their work is different, the two companies have had striking similarities. Both have been long-term, private, husband- and wife-owned companies committed to the highest quality wood-based craftsmanship. The owners had also been mutual admirers of each others’ work over the decades.

“I have been a great admirer of the Mark Richey company for 25 years,” says John Wall, former WallGoldfinger, Inc. chief executive officer and now vice president of WallGoldfinger Furniture.

Wall spent 42 years with WallGoldfinger Inc., building it into a world renowned brand.

Mark Richey saw potential in that brand.

“WallGoldfinger is a legend in the furniture making world and sought out by architects across the country for its Arbor and Summit table lines. As woodworkers, we just knew we had to be part of sustaining that great work and expanding it,” said Richey, president of Mark Richey Woodworking.

“We have a reputation for great craftsmanship, automation and sound finanicial management.  Under Mark Richey Woodworking, architects who have come to rely on WallGoldfinger’s products and custom capabilities can now specify those great offerings through Mark Richey Woodworking and its new WallGoldfinger Furniture division,” Richey added.


As part of the deal, Wall and members of his team will join Mark Richey Woodworking and the new WallGoldfinger Furniture division overseeing sales, estimating, engineering and project management efforts in Vermont.

Among the goals of the new venture are production efficiencies that will allow more competitive pricing of Arbor and Summit table lines in part through Mark Richey Woodworking’s remarkable high-tech, 5-axis CNC routers and robotic finish sprayer; offering the highest quality custom furniture and millwork; and being a one-stop shop for architects.

Mark Rickey, President, Mark Richey Woodworking

John Wall, Vice President, WallGoldfinger Furniture


WallGoldfinger Furniture officially launched under Mark Richey Woodworking on May 22. Contractors accustomed to working with Mark Richey Woodworking and architects and dealers accustomed to working with WallGoldfinger should expect to remain in contact with same familiar faces, just with expanded capabilities and offerings.

The WallGoldfinger Furniture sales team can be reached at Mark Richey Woodworking can be reached at or online at

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