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The ultimate multipurpose room table

Arbors provides today’s business leaders and organizations with a reconfigurable conference table solution. Available in a variety of finishes, the Arbor comes in numerous sizes and shapes to fit any room layout. Varied leg and edge styles provide a custom look, and tables are built to integrate the latest technology, turning your striking meeting surface into a versatile communication tool. Tables can easily be reconfigured. Arbors are constructed from lightweight cores as well as lightweight, yet durable, frames for easy portability. Table legs, modesty panels and fixture boxes are removable without a single tool required so tables can quickly be stored. Table and leg carts are sold for easy and compact storage to open a room up for events and company functions. And Arbors' metal edges have been uniquely designed to be rounded and smooth so they are both gentle on hands and chair arms. Corners are also welded for durability. When you need an elegant, high technology table solution for a multipurpose room, the Arbor, made exclusively by fine furniture makers at Mark Richey Woodworking and its WallGoldfinger Furniture division is your choice.




  • A reconfigurable table durable and elegant enough for every conference, training and boardroom need


  • Incomparable leg room, especially when ganged


  • Integrated technology for the most effective meetings and training sessions


  • Lightweight cores and removable legs for easy movement and storage


  • Quick, compact, damage-free storage in upright carts


  • A financially responsible choice due to its multiple uses and minimal storage requirements


Arbor tables offer the perfect solution for multi-purpose rooms. Sold in a variety of sizes, Arbors can stand alone as a desk or dining surface, be grouped for conference seating and trainings, or even be joined to form an elegant boardroom table. Tables are joined by quickly and easily placing the legs between the two tables and affixing with sturdy swell latches. Whatever your configuration need, WallGoldfinger Furniture’s Arbor tables can solve it.



Teleconference/media viewing

Offered in standard rectangles, Arbor tables are also sold in half and quarter rounds to create an elegant, rounded-end look for your executive space. Square tables and wedge shapes give you even more configuration options as you turn a conference room set-up into a boardroom or video conference set-up. Modesty panels, which easily attach and detach with no tools required, further enhance the look of the Arbor for even your most discriminating clients. Make the most of your meeting space with Arbor’s many size and shape options.


30x60 inch, 33x66 inch, 36x72 inch
60, 66 and 72 inch sizes
Removable half modesty panel 12 inches
Removable full modesty panel
27 inches

Legs and edges provide additional style to Arbor tables and can help match your tables with existing furniture for a more seamless corporate look. Legs are available in variety of shapes, styles and materials, including wood and metal. Edges can turn your table from traditional to modern with a simple touch, and the Arbor’s unique metal pan frame called the Comfort Edge provides a smooth, rounded surface that is gentle on hands and chair arms. Additionally, Arbor tables provide unprecedented leg room for maximum seating capacity and for the comfort of staff and visitors. Choose leg and edge styles to meet your unique needs and give your table solution the right look for your organization.


2 inch square
2 inch corner
Three ply veneer square
Comfort Edge aluminum pan frame
1/4 inch solid wood overlaying Comfort Edge 
1/2 inch solid wood

WallGoldfinger Furniture, a division of Mark Richey Woodworking, is an industry leader in technology integration for today’s businesspeople, who know that a table is much more than a table: it’s a communication tool, media center and active work station. Arbor tables provide you the telecommunication and power access necessary for success in today’s business environment.

removable box.jpg
Removable power and data box
Available with a veneer or metal hatch lid
fixed box.jpg
daisy link connections.jpg
Fixed low profile power and data box
Available with a metal hatch lid
Larger size available with additional telecom plate
Connect boxes table to table using quick connect plugs.
velcro wire manager.jpg
Secure ETL-listed cables under tabletops using pre-installed hook and loop strips.
brush wire manager leg.jpg
Run cords to floor cores using brush minder wire management legs.

A room full of tables is a room that has many uses, but open space isn’t one of them. Arbor tables are quick and simple to flatten and store. Arbor legs can be installed and removed utilizing sturdy swell latches with no tools required, or T-style legs fold or tilt and nest. Modesty panels can quickly be removed as well for flat storage or storage in one of our carts, opening a room for important functions, company get-togethers and more. Make the most of your valuable real estate with a removable Arbor solution.

Removable legs

Easily remove legs with no tools required for quick storage


Fit 8 tabletops in a 30 1/8-inch wide x 36 1/8-inch deep cart. Height varies. 

Oversize tabletops

Store up to 8 72-inch tops blanket wrapped on panel carts. 

Standard legs

Fit up to 56 standard legs in a 33 1/8-inch wide x 30 1/8-inch deep cart. 

Corner legs

Fit up to 36 corner legs in a 28 1/8-inch wide x 37 1/8-inch deep cart. 

Loop legs

Fasten 8 loop legs to a 31 1/4-inch wide x 60 1/2-inch deep cart. 

Modesty panels

Fit half modesty panels for 16 tables or full modesty panels for 8 tables in a 30 1/8-inch wide x 36 1/8-inch deep cart.  

Affix up to 6 removable power and data boxes on the back of upright top, leg and modesty panel carts.
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