Offered in square, rectangular and custom sizes, Summits’ provide superior leg room and seating and are ideal for dining, conference and boardroom needs. For example, break out Summits in a conference or dining room. Join four Summits into a square for a working discussion. Form five Summits in a line for an impressive conference table for a larger gathering. And when it’s time to store your Summits, they’re perfectly sized for fitting through doorways and into storage areas.

54" x 54" tabletop

with 24" x 24" base

60" x 60" tabletop

with 24' x24" base

60" x 72" tabletop

with 24' x 36" base

60" x 84" tabletop

with 24' x 48" base

60" table with trapezoid base in tilted position measures 29 1/4" wide and 67 3/4" high




  • Diverse size options to maximize your room dimensions

  • Standalone tables are perfectly sized for groups of eight or more


  • Square and rectangular sizes can be easily and quickly ganged to form larger conference and boardroom tables


  • Specially designed to fit between two fixed tables to create one large table and use rooms with operable walls to their greatest potential