WallGoldfinger Furniture’s Summit design features a tilting tabletop. Tilt up the top and casters automatically extend so your Summit table can be easily moved into a new table configuration or storage. Summits nest in their tilted position for compact, easy storage. When you’re ready to use your Summit once more, roll it back in place and move the tabletop into its horizontal position. Casters automatically retract and the table is now securely on the floor. Make the most of your valuable real estate with a Summit table.


Loosen one side of Anderlocs (if using)

Rotate Anderlocs under one tabletop (for easy access later)


Pull bar under table

Bar releases top into tilted position and engages casters




  • Easily tilt, roll, reconfigure or store tables with no tools required to improve room turnover times and reduce strain on staff


  • Tilt and nest tables to fit a room full of tables in a storage closet to maximize use of your valuable meeting space


  • Tilted tables fit through doorways for maximum convenience and use


Pull levers to lock casters into position

Push to a storage area

Nest tables in tilted position for compact storage

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