Summit tables offer the perfect solution for conference and boardroom meeting spaces requiring table reconfiguration. Group Summits to form a large, attractive conference or boardroom table. Separate tables for breakout meeting space or for dining. And utilize WallGoldfinger’s unique bridge design to join two fixed conference tables into one large table. For your reconfigurable boardroom or conference table needs, Summit tables offer a high quality solution.


Fully assembled for a large meeting

Slide one tabletop to access Summits

Tilt and roll away Summits

Two meeting tables remain; engage an operable wall




  • An elegant solution for rooms with multiple uses

  • A unique bridge design joining two fixed tables into a single table for larger gatherings

  • Easy to move, level and lock in place to maximize room turnover and layout options

  • Perfect for break-out and executive dining needs, including allowing housekeeping staff complete access to floor care through Summit’s unique roll-away design