Maximizing a meeting space with a reconfigurable design

A university is maximizing its meeting space capacity with two 5-foot Summit tilt-top tables and a 14-foot fixed table in plain sliced cherry veneer in a book and butt matched pattern along with a solid cherry edge.


Summits are set on casters to easily and conveniently move into new configurations or into storage. Tilt the Summit’s top and casters extend to allow it to roll. Push the top back in its level position and the casters automatically retract, leaving the table on the floor and stable. Summits lock together with simple screw on Anderlocs and easily level.


In this case, the Summits can be added on to the fixed table, used separately or tilted and nested in a storage closet.  The fixed table has been built by WallGoldfinger’s design engineers and furniture makers to match the look of the Summit, including trapezoid-shaped bases, creating a seamless look when the tables have been joined.


Summits are used in a variety of ways: as standalone tables, placed together to form a boardroom table, as part of WallGoldfinger’s unique bridge design where they are placed between two fixed tables and easily removed to extend a room divider, and, like in this example, placed with a single fixed table allowing a space to be converted for larger and smaller gatherings.   


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