WallGoldfinger Furniture’s exclusive Covert Glide is one of a kind. Designed by in-house engineer Chris Howe, the Covert Glide is an under table power system that allows power and data boxes to be completely unseen from a standing or sitting position. The Covert Glide is built fastened under the table covertly out of sight. Pull – glide, if you will – the unit out for use; when you’re all plugged in, squeeze the handle to release the unit; and it automatically retracts back under the table. The system allows for several major benefits, including a thin table edge, a pristine tabletop surface and more leg room than many other power options, such as apron power and drawers that necessitate a wide table apron. If convenience, cost and aesthetics matter to you, Engage with its Covert Glide system are the answer.



  • Enjoy a pristine tabletop surface free of hatch lids or other tabletop power/data boxes thanks to WallGoldfinger Furniture’s exclusive Covert Glide 


  • Unlike apron power or power drawers, enjoy increased leg room and chair arm space thanks to the Covert’s unique under table design


  • Easily plug in your devices thanks to the Covert’s locking technology in the extended position


  • Effortlessly release the Covert under the table after plugging in 


  • Safely manage wires unseen under the table and within the Engage’s slender bases with removable access panels


A humorous look at WallGoldfinger Furniture's path to creating the Engage conference table

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