Bases and edges

The Engage has been carefully designed to meet today’s conference room needs. It features a thin top and narrow bases popular in today’s corporate furniture industry, but has been carefully designed to handle wire management for essential power/data needs. The Engage’s base additionally offers the modern look of two materials, be they metal and veneer or lacquer and veneer, forming an aesthetically pleasing angle and clever layered look. Finally, the table’s thin edge features a reverse knife design to reduce damage to chair arms and an overlay option to match any room design. 



  • A thin edge profile offering the ultimate in aesthetics and leg room


  • A reverse knife edge to help chair arms ease under the table edge


  • Diverse overlay tabletop options from glass to stone to resins to match any room design


  • A slender, 4-inch pedestal base with an attractive angle and two material types to diversify your design while also offering wire management


  • A double wide, 8-inch interior base for increased wire management and to cover floor cores

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