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Messages from our team to yours on COVID-19 

March 31, 2020


An update from our team to yours


Dear friends of Mark Richey Woodworking and WallGoldfinger Furniture,


First and foremost, we hope all of you and your families are staying safe and healthy during these uniquely challenging times. Here is a brief update on our company status:


At our facility in Newburyport, Massachusetts, our production team continues to work with a reduced crew. This maintains the projects where field operations remain ongoing while allowing some production staff to stay home and those at the factory to spread out more safely. For those in the building, we are strictly following CDC guidelines for social distancing, personnel hygiene, and cleaning protocols. Our estimating, accounting, project management, and engineering teams are working at full capacity, mostly from their home offices. We have excellent capacity for remote access and communication, so continuing this part of our operation has been seamless. Although the factory and offices are operational, we are not open to outside visitors. Please call the main line at (978) 499-3800 with any questions. All calls are being forwarded to cell phones and we will provide cell numbers to anyone who needs them. The Mark Richey Woodworking main email is


At our Vermont WallGoldfinger office, our team is working at home per Vermont’s governor. We are maintaining normal hours and continue to offer complete sales, estimating, and engineering services. The main email is


Finally, we greatly appreciate everyone’s flexibility as we all adjust our businesses and our lives. We at Mark Richey Woodworking and WallGoldfinger Furniture remain confident that if we work together, we will get through this and emerge stronger as a result.


Best regards,

Mark Richey 


Mark Richey Woodworking

March 19, 2020

An update in the face of COVID-19

Dear customers and friends of Mark Richey Woodworking,


As we all wrestle with the COVID-19 emergency, I wanted to update you on the current status at Mark Richey Woodworking.


We are currently open and fully operational at both our Newburyport, MA, headquarters and our Vermont WallGoldfinger Furniture offices. We have instituted significant health protocols to safeguard our employees and their families from the virus, including social distancing, staggered breaks, continuous wipe down of hard surfaces, and aggressive handwashing within our facility.   


We have stopped all non-essential visits to our facilities and our project managers have ceased most travel to project sites. As all Boston construction has been shut down, we are not visiting any of our Boston projects and have temporarily suspended in-person sales visits to other regions of the country. In addition, we have prepared for some of our staff to work from home, where practical. While an unwanted last step, we are making the responsible choice to prepare for a partial or complete shutdown should this be required due to illness or state and federal mandates.


In the meantime, we are continuing to estimate, draw, manage, and manufacture all current projects and provide support to customers.


If we are required to pause production, rest assured that we are committed to maintaining open lines of communication with all our customers and we will continue to provide any services that we can from home computers, such as estimating, drafting and project management. In addition, all key management will remain available via mobile phone to answer questions or concerns that may arise.


As we all face this crisis together, we hope you and your families are healthy and safe.



Mark Richey


Mark Richey Woodworking

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