WallGoldfinger Furniture, a division of Mark Richey Woodworking, is an industry leader in technology integration for today’s businesspeople, who know that a table is much more than a table: it’s a communication tool, media center and active work station. Arbor tables provide you the telecommunication and power access necessary for success in today’s business environment.

Removable power and data box
Available with a veneer or metal hatch lid
Fixed low profile power and data box
Available with a metal hatch lid
Larger size available with additional telecom plate




  • Choose from removable or all new fixed power and data boxes


  • Customize your box to meet your data needs

  • Easily daisy chain power between tables 

  • Connect up to 10 tables from a single floor core connection

  • Safely and securely manage wires under tables and in table legs

Connect boxes table to table using quick connect plugs.
Secure ETL-listed cables under tabletops using pre-installed hook and loop strips.
Run cords to floor cores using brush minder wire management legs.
Store removable boxes on back exterior of upright table storage carts.
Secure cords under tabletop and store tops with power boxes in place.

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