A room full of tables is a room that has many uses, but open space isn’t one of them. Arbor tables are quick and simple to flatten and store. Arbor legs can be installed and removed utilizing sturdy swell latches with no tools required, or T-style legs fold or tilt and nest. Modesty panels can quickly be removed as well for flat storage or storage in one of our carts, opening a room for important functions, company get-togethers and more. Make the most of your valuable real estate with a removable Arbor solution.

Removable legs

Easily remove legs with no tools required for quick storage


Fit 8 tabletops in a 30 1/8-inch wide x 36 1/8-inch deep cart. Height varies. 

Oversize tabletops

Store up to 8 72-inch tops blanket wrapped on panel carts. 

Standard legs

Fit up to 56 standard legs in a 33 1/8-inch wide x 30 1/8-inch deep cart. 

Corner legs

Fit up to 36 corner legs in a 28 1/8-inch wide x 37 1/8-inch deep cart. 

Loop legs

Fasten 8 loop legs to a 31 1/4-inch wide x 60 1/2-inch deep cart. 

Modesty panels

Fit half modesty panels for 16 tables or full modesty panels for 8 tables in a 30 1/8-inch wide x 36 1/8-inch deep cart.  




  • Maintain the uncompromised quality of your Arbor tabletop surfaces and edges with fabric-lined slots in 30”x36¼” carts that hold up to eight tabletops

  • Safely and compactly store up to 42 legs in a 30”x22” footprint

  • Reduce your overall footprint and save money by using your valuable real estate for meeting and office space, rather than storage space, with this compact solution

Affix up to 6 removable power and data boxes on the back of upright top, leg and modesty panel carts.