Wall/Goldfinger, Inc. April 2005 - Vol. 19, No. 1
Off the Wall

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our eNewsletter. After 15 years and 18 issues of the Dog River Review on paper, we have made the jump to this new format. You will receive more in-depth information, better photography, and multimedia content, all on a quarterly basis. Since we had been mailing nearly 8,000 copies of each edition, we will save reams of paper and a few trees as well.

Our featured articles showcase a varied collection of furniture: an elegant combination of materials and uniquely integrated technology for a Manhattan law firm; a series of light weight granite reconfiguring tables in Washington, DC; a newly developed folding leg table to complement our Arbor table collection; and our exclusive solution for microphones that spin out of sight. On a different note, our last article is about the historic Northfield Graded School here in our hometown. Formerly abandoned, this 1877 post and beam 8 room schoolhouse is a woodworkers dream, and is being renovated into spaces that will be used to benefit the children of Northfield. Annie Gould, of Wall/Goldfinger, has been heavily involved with the project for the last three years.

Last year was the best year in our 33 year history, and this year is off to a very strong start. We are investing in new woodworking equipment, and we have upgraded our financial, estimating, and drafting software. As many of you know, we have also developed an extremely quick and accurate method of rendering your furniture concepts. We will feature this capability in a forthcoming issue of our new eNewsletter.

So we hope you enjoy this first edition of the Wall/Goldfinger eNewsletter. Our goal is to provide you with timely news that will inform, perhaps entertain, and, we trust, ultimately enhance your future projects.

And, as always, please feel free to give us your feedback . . . we value your advice on how to make this publication even more useful. John Wall

Honorable Mentions

Our products have appeared in several publications the past few months, including an uncredited mention in a New York Times article featuring former mayor Rudy Giuliani with one of our conference tables.
New York Times photo
Giuliani and partners at an early morning meeting at his offices in Times Square on Feb. 6, 2004. (Librado Romero/The New York Times)

Modern Woodworking
April 2004

Modern Woodworking Reading The Wood: Veneering requires precise cutting and fastening as well as "the eye of a tailor."

Feature article on Ed Mazuroski, manager of Wall/Goldfinger‰s veneering department, "creating fine veneer for some of the most prestigious corporations in the United States."

Wood & Wood Products
May 2004

Wood & Wood Products Getting Out Of Your Manufacturing Box: Part 3 - Using Your Crayons, by Tom Dossenbach

Photo of rendering and mentions Wall/Goldfinger as "an excellent example of a company that fights competition by continually staying ahead with creativity and innovation in furniture manufacturing."

Also available for viewing at the Wood & Wood Products archives.

Photo mentions in the May 2004 issue of Contract (p144 and 148) on two projects, including a conference table that is featured here in our newsletter. Another photo caption of a boardroom "custom table, topped in figured maple with stainless-steel inlays" is mentioned in Interior Design, Number 6, May 2004, p274.

Contract and Interior Design

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April, 2005
Volume 19, Issue 1

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    Never a Dull Moment Boat shaped conference table

One reason we at Wall/Goldfinger love being in the custom furniture business is that there is usually very little repetition in what we do… Complete Article

Defying the Laws of Physics Counterbalanced stone table top

"Stone" and "light" are words not often used in the same breath but at Wall/Goldfinger they have achieved a new affinity… Complete Article

Stylish and Supremely Functional Open rectangle configuration

An elegant combination of stainless steel hatches, sycamore veneer field and solid walnut edges, this 36'-0" x 14'-0" table serves as a focal point in a major international law firm's New York conferencing center… Complete Article

Retractable Landing Gear Folded table legs

Borrowing a page from the famous Russian aircraft designer Nicolai Nicolaievitch Polikarpov, Wall/Goldfinger has developed a unique retractable support system for its lightweight Arbor reconfiguring tables. These are otherwise known as folding legs… Complete Article

Foot Notes The Graded School The gray Building

The big news in Northfield this past year has been the restoration of the historic 1877 Northfield Graded School, fondly known as the Gray Building… Complete Article