WallGoldfinger Salespeople, Estimators, Illustrators, Designers, and Project Managers work with our clients to provide solutions for a large variety of furniture needs.

Design Process

  • Maya software helps resolve design issues with designers and architects.
  • Full scale prototyping with actual AV equipment is key to many of our solutions.
  • SolidWorks and AutoCAD software are used in tandem for our detailed working drawings.
  • SolidWorks is used to work out mechanical logistics.
Veneer wall


A very important part of WallGoldfinger furniture is working with a large assortment of veneers and layups to produce a wide array of customized matching techniques.

Veneer Process

  • Veneer Foreman, Ed Mazuroski, taping a mahogany diamond pattern.
  • Seaming together veneers in a slip match pattern.
  • Marking and matching veneers in a slip match pattern.
  • Rolling out glue on the MDF substrate before the veneer is applied.
  • Applying veneer skin before pressing in veneer press.
  • Ed and Elgin Slayton pressing the veneer onto MDF board in hot press.
Edge detail

CNC Routing

CNC technology is used to size panels, cut solid edges and machine intricate edge profiles on all WallGoldfinger furniture products. We have used this technology for the last 15 years.

CNC Process

  • Jeff Foley using a hydraulic lift to move panels onto the CNC router.
  • Placing the panel on the CNC router bed.
  • Programming and controlling the router.
  • Beveled knife shaping the edge of a mahogany table top.
  • Shavings fly as the edge is routed onto the table top.
  • Carbide knife taking the final pass on the solid mahogany edge.
Tagliabue sander


A computer controlled stroke sander has recently been imported from Italy to sand our table tops. The control is so precise that the machine will not sand through the fine veneers that we use on the tops. We can also use the sander to final sand polyester finishes. Kirill Taranin prepares to use the Tagliabue sander (right).

Varieties of Sanding

  • Ray Boyce programming the sander.
  • Final control settings for the sander.
  • Tom Yacawych doing the final sanding with a random orbital sander.
  • Foreman Will Francis stroke sanding a table panel.


WallGoldfinger’s facility houses the sophisticated equipment mandatory in today’s production environment: state-of-the-art finish application, computer controlled routing, advanced machining systems. Chuck Fuller final fitting an access door into a table top (right).

Quality Craftsmanship

  • The woodworking area at WallGoldfinger.
  • Solid wood inventory racks for table edges Green labels are for FSC lumber.
  • Jon Deerfield sending solid maple through the gang rip saw.
  • Assembling frames for a boardroom table with rising monitor screens.
  • Fitting exterior base panels for a boardroom table base.
  • Chris Howe hand chiseling on a mahogany face frame.
  • Assembling sub top on a 35’ boardroom table and preparing to install fitted monitors.
  • Tom Yacawych and Bob Joyce reviewing the lifting access doors in boardroom table riser.


Finishing of complex furniture is very precise, and we have developed a system to accurately match stains and apply clear, durable coats of finish. Damien Leighty applying a finish to a table section in one of 4 spray booths in our 5,000 square foot finish department (right).

Finish Process

  • Sections of a cherry table are laid out on rolling carts to dry.
  • Karen Boyce spraying catalyzed lacquer on a crotch mahogany table top section.
  • Cherry and crotch mahogany center between final sanding and final top coat finish.
  • Table top section with first coat of matte sealer.
  • Karen Boyce giving final touch ups on finished boardroom sections.
  • Ray Boyce touching up a polyester table top before final sanding and finish coat.


Quality furniture assembly involves a significant amount of hand fitting. Trimming and final adjustment requires skill and judgment before furniture is shipped. After machining and final finish, the furniture is reassembled to fit any metal, stone or AV component.

Reassembly Process

  • Bob Joyce assembling final attachment of bronze inlay.
  • Adding sub tops to metal support frames before marble is applied.
  • Marble and cherry being final fitted in the reassembly area.
  • Blue pearl granite, stainless steel inlay and access doors with an Absolute Black granite island.
  • An AV technician adjusting lift mechanism for monitor.
  • Woodworker Kirill Taranin adjusting panels in the riser for a 30’ boardroom table.
  • Tom Yacawych reassembling adjustable monitors in riser drawers.
  • Tom Yacawych adjusting monitors in the stainless steel access band.
  • Interior framing for 30’ elliptical boardroom table.


Installation is carefully coordinated with the architect/interior designer, contractor, builder owner, client, AV suppliers, stone installer, electricians and other trades on site. We normally place the furniture in the room after hours. The furniture is installed during regular hours.

Install Process

  • Blanket wrapping the furniture parts in a trailer in Vermont.
  • Final inspection of packed furniture items before delivery.
  • Furniture parts placed in room during overtime to await installation during regular time.
  • AV racks being installed in WallGoldfinger credenzas.
  • AV wiring being installed in pedestal bases after table is assembled on site.
  • An installation can take several days to complete.
  • Top sections of boardroom table being installed on sub top.
  • Final installation complete, ready for a close-up.